Government Lobbying

Right to Housing contends that the ongoing, meaningful role of all levels of government is essential to ensuring that adequate housing is available to those most vulnerable in our society who are in core housing need. The Coalition lobbies politicians and bureaucrats at all three levels regarding the need for sound policies, inclusive programs, and public investment in the creation of social housing.

Presentations, transcripts of panels and presentations, and correspondence with politicians reflecting our lobbying activities are available here.

December 2008: Don’t Sell Public Housing.

Following up on a Winnipeg Free Press op-ed, “Sell public housing,” by Dan Klymchuk (klymchuk-op-ed-dec-081), Right to Housing published a Letter to the Editor, “Don’t sell public housing” (letter-to-ed-fp-dec-081) and emailed Minister of Housing Gord Mackintosh (email-to-mackintosh-dec-081).

February 2008: Winnipeg Housing and Homelessness Initiative.

Right to Housing’s presentation to the tri-level Winnipeg Housing and Homelessness Inititative (WHHI): presentation-to-whhi

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