Defend our social housing - important petition

Red Tent Coalition of Canada- concerned about increase in housing crisis

Vancouver, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal, March 10, 2012 – A coalition of right to housing organizations across Canada concerned over the withdrawal of federal funding for existing social housing have launched a petition drive to put pressure on the Harper government.

This petition calls on the Federal Government to increase funding for the renovation of existing social housing units and more importantly, to continue to fund the operating subsidies for all the 900,000 plus social housing units across the country. As the mortgages are being paid off on these units, the operating subsidies that are attached to them are ending. If not dealt with, this will effectively move most of our country’s investment in social housing into the private market, effectively putting it out of reach for the people who most need it and for whom it was created.

Encourage your contacts to print as many copies of the petition as they need, remembering that the wording cannot be altered in any way. All signed petitions must be turned in to the Social Planning Council by April 20. They will then be forwarded to our central organization, FRAPRU in Quebec.

Right to Housing is planning events to increase the exposure of the issue during this campaign, including an action on May 25. This will be part of a national weekend of action to heighten awareness of the operating grant crisis. You will be kept current as these plans become clearer and we hope many of you will chose take part in the events.

Download the full press release: defend-our-social-housing-release-march-9-2012

Download the petition: red-tent-petition-pdf-mar-10-2012

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