New Policy Brief: Proposals for Policy Changes to Enhance Private Sector Capacity To Build Affordable Rental Housing

Proposals for Policy Changes to Enhance Private Sector Capacity  To Build Affordable Rental Housing and to Re-engage the Federal Government in the Provision of Social Housing

Most developed nations have a three-tier national housing policy, encompassing the provision of social housing for the poorest citizens, affordable rental housing for lower-middle income families and individuals, and market housing for the remainder.  Right to Housing, representing 46 organizations in Manitoba, believes that such a comprehensive policy would be strongly in Canada’s national interest, because the key bedrock of social stability is affordable, accessible, decent housing for all citizens.

In Canada at present, only one of the three aspects of a national housing policy operates effectively, namely the provision of market housing for middle and upper income families.  Even here, there are serious problems of affordability in many of Canada’s larger cities.  In significant part, this is related to the acute shortage of social housing, where rent is geared to income, and the almost total failure of affordable market rental housing, which is the subject of this brief. Both of these aspects of housing policy can been addressed with appropriate leadership at the federal level, in collaboration with Provinces, Territories and Municipalities.

Click here to read R2H’s full policy brief: r2h-housing-policy-brief-may-2012

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