The Solution

  • The Canadian Housing and Rehabilitation Association estimates that Manitoba requires 1500 units per year, for the next five years, to catch up to the deficit of housing units. Federal funding is required in order to achieve this required number of units.
  • 300 units per year of social housing for the next five years is a reasonable target for social housing in Manitoba. The provincial government must provide funding to achieve this target.
  • Legacy savings accumulated by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation ($4.6 billion) present an unprecedented opportunity to identify existing funds that would both finance the maintenance/repair of existing housing stock and provide a source of capital for acquiring and building new housing stock.
  • The housing crisis is far too great for provincial governments to address on their own. The provincial governments need to unite to pressure Ottawa to develop a national housing policy that will ensure a continuum of housing projects and programs in all provinces. Housing is an essential tool to help governments attain other policy objectives.