About Right to Housing

Right to Housing is a Winnipeg-based coalition of 150 individuals and 41 organizations working together to address the current housing crisis and the chronic need for social housing. We promote and lobby for safe, quality social housing (where rent is geared to income) and housing policy solutions on a local, provincial and national level as part of a comprehensive strategy to eliminate poverty.

Right to Housing maintains that adequate, affordable housing is a basic human right. Canada has signed UN agreements to ensure adequate housing as a basic human right, yet over the past decade the commitment by the Federal Government to put this human right to housing into practice has been significantly eroded. In 2006, the United Nations called housing and homelessness in Canada a “national emergency,” a finding confirmed by the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Adequate Housing after his official fact-finding mission to Canada in 2007. Many Canadians now face impossible obstacles as they try to house themselves.

Right to Housing meets regularly. We are committed to achieving our goals by working cooperatively, respectfully and inclusively. Contact us if you would like more information, to attend a coalition meeting, or to support Right to Housing.

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